Tips for Writing a Quality OTM


  • Minimum of 200 words
  • Proofread! Be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors. It might be helpful to write the OTM in a word document to catch these errors, and then copy and paste it into the OTM form
  • Use paragraphs to organize your thoughts. OTMs with multiple paragrpahs are easier to read than OTMs with one long paragraph
  • Provide descriptive examples about the person or program you are nominating
  • Make sure the OTM relates to the month of submission. If the OTM you are submitting is for the month of March, you should not include information from January
  • Show how the person or program went above and beyound the call of duty
  • Do not assume the reader knows what you are talking about. If you are mentioning a place on campus, describe what it is. Write "Creswell Hall" instead of "Creswell"
  • Have fun writing your OTM! You thought the person/program deserves to be nominated; let that show in your submission!



Peach Awards

  • Peach Awards are a lot like OTMs.
  • They're just another way to recognize all the oustanding behavior in the residence halls.
  • After you submit your OTM, head on over to the Peach Awards to submit your OTM for a Peach Award!



    OTMs are due on the second of each month at 11:59PM


    Peach Awards are due on the ninth of each month at 11:59PM


    Please contact Wendy Vong at mui.vong25@uga.edu, if there are any questions regarding OTMs.


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