September OTM Winners

  • Advisor- Brittany Smith
  • Educational Program- Dance It Out Before Midterms
  • Executive Board Member- Jessica Keever
  • First Year Student- Sam Ferguson
  • Organization- Building 1516 Hall Council
  • Resident Assistant- Riordan Dail
  • Social Program- Pancakes and PJs

October OTM Winners

  • Advisor- Nekeisha Randall
  • Community Service Program- Wreaths for Athena Gardens
  • Educational Program- Watchdawgs Bystander Intervention
  • Executive Board Member- Miranda Moore
  • First Year Student- Kyle Canady
  • Organization- Residence Hall Association
  • Resident Assistant- Veronica McManus
  • Social Program- Haunted High Rise
  • Spotlight- Reed Hall
  • Student- Nicolette Lewis
  • Student Staff Member- Arbrielle Tarver

November OTM Winners

  • Diversity Program- Henna & Dinna
  • Educational Program- Scales & Tails
  • Executive Board Member- Alex Lutgen
  • First Year Student- Nanditha
  • Institution Faculty/Staff- Tamara Burke
  • Organization- UGA SGA
  • Residence Life Professional Staff- Krystal Gongora
  • Resident Assistant- Trinity Martell
  • Residential Community- Health Science Campus
  • Social Program- Fall Festival
  • Spotlight- Anjelique Simmons
  • Student: Nisha Shetty

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